Equipping You With Transformative Leadership Communication Skills That Will Positively Influence Your World!

Through evidence-based and operationally proven leadership communication skills by NASA, PIXAR, a past US President, and Fortune 500 Companies, you will learn an internationally acclaimed, language and behavior-based communication model that will help you influence your world!

  • Increase productivity
  • Leverage diversity
  • Reduce conflict

Learn the Skills to Change the World Around You By Changing the Way You See and Respond to It!

Two Questions

1.  Where are most of your problems…Technical or People?

If you are like most industry leaders that were recently polled then Percent of workplace problems process communication modelapproximately 87% of your problems deal with people issues and only 13% deal with technical issues.


2.  Where do you spend your training dollars, techniPercent $ spend on people skill training process communication modelcal skills or people skills?

Again, if you are like most industry leaders then 93% of your training has been focused on technical skills.  So, if the vast majority of problems are people issues then why is most of your training resources focused on technical skills?

The Problem

If you look back over the course of your own professional life,  you will realize that from first grade to high school, college, grad school, and specialization training has all been focused on technical skills.   That’s decades of technical training!  Now look back over that same time period and evaluate how much time you spent in training on people skills.  At best maybe a short seminar or two over the last decade?  Yet with little or no training we are expected to master the crucial people skills primarily through trial and error!  Most promotions into leadership positions are based upon our technical proficiency and not on how well we connect and motivate others.  No wonder most of our problems are associated with people issues!

The solution is to learn the necessary skills to individualize your leadership and communication to get results! Introducing Process Communication Model ®

The most effective leadership tool that H2H Dynamics teaches is the skill of understanding human to human dynamics.  The tool we use is the Process Communication Model ® (PCM).  PCM was created by American psychologist Dr. Taibi Kahler.  Researching communication, Dr. Kahler spotted certain patterns of behavior that are related to positive and negative reactions. He recognized entire series of negative behaviors that are related to stressful situations. He concluded that based on the words a person chooses and how they behave, we can predict their reactions in stressful situations.

PCM in  NASA Astronaut Selection and Training.

Space shuttle astronauts process communication model

In 1978, Dr. Terry McGuire, the consulting psychiatrist at NASA, responsible for astronaut crew selection and management, invited  Dr. Kahler to demonstrate the efficacy of his model in connection with the astronaut selection process. After comparing notes on several candidates, Dr. McGuire hired Dr. Kahler, commenting that Dr. Kahler’s  ‘process’ approach of 10 minutes revealed as much as or more about a candidate than a ‘content’ interview of several hours. This began an extended relationship with NASA.  Dr. Kahler worked with Dr. McGuire to incorporate the model into the astronaut selection, evaluation, training and management processes.  Today, tens of thousands of people, from astronauts to entrepreneurs, have successfully applied these unique human to human dynamic skills to their work environments.

Reliable and Validated Method to Improve Communication.

Process Communication Model provides a reliable and validated method of identifying and understanding human behavior structures, the impact of life events, and communication dynamics. Based on a scientific award–winning clinical discovery, Process Communication Model has been researched and validated in various industries over the last thirty years.  Moreover, almost a million people on five continents have effectively applied PCM in such applications as sales, business, education, politics, religion, medicine, parenting, and personal relationships.

Skills Learned through PCM Training.

  •  Identify the unique behavioral types
  •  Awareness of one’s own failure mechanism as a human being, when communication needs to be heldGroup of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle process communication model     under stressful conditions (positive or negative) and know  what to do about it!
  •  Assesses character strengths
  •  Reflects preferred management styles and favorite “channel”  or means of communication
  •  Determines individual psychological and motivational needs
  •  Master verbal and written communications with all types of  people – in one-to-one situations or large audiences
  •  Identify personality type preferences “on the fly” by  decoding words, tones, postures, gestures, and facial expressions
  •  Predicts potential management/interaction success or failure patterns under stress
  •  Provides intervention points for failure patterns
  •  Offers ways of reinforcing positive, productive behaviors

Benefits of PCM Training

  • Leadership: Achieving excellence
  • Increase workplace productivity and save $$
  • Taking your organizational culture to its highest potential
  • Sales relations: Taking performance to the next level
  • Team building: Developing functional & competitive teams
  • Team cohesion: Strengthening the bonds of cooperation
  • Individual coaching: Raising awareness and fulfilling potential
  • Team coaching: Maximizing the talents in the team
  • Conflict management: Relieving tensions by managing conflict
  • An aid in Recruitment: Making enlightened choices 
  • Staff retention: Developing & motivating employees
  • Internal trainers: Efficiently transmitting competencies