Advanced PCM – Resolving & Preventing Conflict

PCM Advanced Conflict Resolution Workshop reinforces the concepts learned in the Core Topics, then takes a deep dive into the underlying causes and dyConflict Resolution Resolve Dispute Arrows Meet Agreementnamics of life scripts and distress behavior. Use this seminar to gain deeper understanding of the psychological determinants of behavior and practice your communication skills for resolving conflict.


Specifically you will learn about:

  • the phase issues a particular personality type faces, and what drives many of our behaviors when we are under stress
  • transference, the role it plays in our behavior and how it creates miscommunication
  • how personality types, their psychological needs, communication channels, their perceptions and stress patterns all hang together and are highly predictable
  • how those stress patterns are linked to particular ways people write and talk – you will be able to analyze letters and emails to understand the personality type of the author and identify whether they are under stress
  • when and how failed communication or a lack of motivation drive us into stress
  • how language, tones, gestures and other indicators help us to assess a situation and what we can do to motivate others and communicate effectively
  • Describe the four Myths that lead to distress and identify how they manifest and are reinforced in distress
  • Identify life scripts and failure mechanisms by analyzing language patterns
  • Strengthen your skill in using Process Communication strategies in daily interactions

What Happens after the Training?

Intelligence and memory loss symbol

According to the Association of Talent Development (ATD) U.S. Companies spent 164.2 billion dollars annually on training their employees. But they spend almost nothing on reinforcing the training. As a result, the vast majority of this knowledge and training investment $$$ is lost!  It is like trying to heat your house with the  windows opens…what a waste!

Ebbinghaus70% of all training is forgotten in 24 hours! 

So How does H2H Dynamics Solve this Loss of Learning Problem?

Cognitive science has proven that the brain uses a simple technique to determine which information should be retrieved…”If the information has been recently retrieved or used, then it is probably important; therefore keep it.”

So If you want your employees to retain knowledge, it is essential that you give them the opportunity to use it immediately after the training, and periodically thereafter. 

All of H2H Dynamics’ training workshops include a one year of follow up “boosters” to reinforce learning!Man hands holding tablet with laptop computer background

H2H Dynamic training workshops include in the package a one year program of follow up “boosters” to reinforce the training that they received…encouraging their brains to retain essential knowledge and skills.   The training “boosters” are sent out to each participate at strategic times just days after the training event for a whole year.  The “boosters” are based upon cognitive science and incorporate quizzes, surveys, question and answers, coaching, games, etc… that arrive in their mobile or desktop device. 

An evidence based brain science study has shown that learning retention increased by 80% through the use of booster training.   Now that is a Return on Investment that you will get from H2H Dynamics!


PCM: Core Topics


Two days – Begin at 8:30 a.m. – End at 4:30 p.m.

  • Introductions
  • Review of Perceptions and Channels
  • The Four Myths that Fuel Miscommunication
  • Life Scripts and Failure Patterns
  • Phase Issues
  • Distress Sequences
  • Action Plans for All Six Types
  • Evaluations & Adjourn