Process Parenting Seminar

This is a one day seminar for parents designed to help them learn more about themselves and their child(ren).Beautiful Young Family Portrait Outdoors The course teaches the parents how to talk their child’s language, to understand and motivate the child, to give the kind of support most important to the child, and how to understand, deal with and redirect negative behaviors into positive behaviors. Parents will receive information about their own personality dynamics.

This seminar is an excellent out reach for civic groups, churches, schools, or businesses to offer to their tribes or communities!  

Also works well with teachers, coaches, day care providers, etc… to have a better understanding on how their personality structures interact with the various uniqueness of each child.

For parents it is highly recommended to have their children from ages 11-18 be profiled prior to the event.


$150 Per Parent, which includes the following;

  • Personality Inventory for each parent
  • Personalized courseware with specific actions to interact with your child(ren)
  • All printed course materials

In addition it is highly recommended to have each child (11-18) take the Kahler Key to Parenting Kids Profile. Each profile is $40 per child and will give the parent the following detailed information on their child;

  • Individual inventory report identifies base and phase using more “child accessible” terminology for the types: thinker, believer, feeler, dreamer, funster, and doer
  • The perceptual frames of references of parents are listed
  • How to connect with the child by talking his/her perceptual language is offered
  • Psychological motivations of a parent for each personality type are given, along with the parental distress sequences for each type
  • How to motivate the child is outlined, along with normal and severe distress sequences
  • The child’s success and prevention plan is presented, as well as a two-page summary of areas to utilize and avoid


To register for this workshop please visit our contact page.

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