PCM – Core Topics

This workshop is the flagship of the PCM skills.

Introducing the PCM 3- Day Core Workshop

This three day workshop is for those seeking personal or professional skill-development in effective communication, conflict management, and leadership skills. Going beyond just theory, the 3-day PCM Core Competency Training is designed to give participants the confidence to apply new learning to real-life communication challenges, through role playing, simulations and real life case studies. PCM training is learning to simplify and scientifically predict each person’s individual personality through communication styles, psychological needs, behaviors and other characteristics.

Why you should invest in this workshop?Employee Engagement

Having excellent communication skills is the number one requirement for effective leadership. Targeted communication drives greater productivity, higher performing teams and personal satisfaction. Change is constant throughout time and necessary business growth and innovation. A great challenge facing leaders is that not everyone embraces change. Processes and things are managed, but people must be effectively led. People are moving faster and doing more with less. Communication is crucial for time management, efficiency and achievement. This workshop teaches the critical communication skills essential for driving productivity, team performance, and personal satisfaction in today’s environment. In an organization, employees are your greatest investment. 

The PCM  Core Subjects Covered in 3-Day Workshop

  • Introduction to Process Communication and exercise
  • Begin a Personal Intervention Plan
  • The Six Perceptual modes and exercises
  • Dramatization of the Six Personality Types and discussion
  • Strengths of the Six Personality Types
  • Demographics of the Six Personality Types
  • The Six floor personality structure condominium
  • The Personality Structure of each participant
  • Introduction to Management Styles
  • Preferred Management Styles of each Personality Type
  • Personality Parts and their use in Communication
  • Personality Parts exercises
  • Introduction to Channels of Communication
  • Transference
  • Channels of Communication exercises
  • Introduction to Motivational Needs
  • Motivational Needs of each Personality Type
  • Motivational Needs exercises
  • Phases in individual personality development
  • Scientific Research Results
  • Work Environment Preferences of each Personality Type
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • The Six Management Planning Questions
  • Individual Interaction Strategies
  • Joe Rebel demonstration
  • Homework Assignments for Motivational Needs
  • Getting Needs Met exercise and discussion
  • Getting Needs Met negatively exercise and discussion
  • Introduction to Distress
  • Behaviors in mild Distress of Six Personality Types
  • Managing Employees in distress exercise
  • Serious distress Behaviors of the Six Personality Types
  • Distress Sequences of the Six Personality Types
  • Connecting Exercise
  • Executive Simulation: Achieving Consensus using Process Communication concepts
  • Development of Management Plans
  • Planning for the future
  • Closure and Evaluation

What Happens after the Training?

Intelligence and memory loss symbol

According to the Association of Talent Development (ATD) U.S. Companies spent 164.2 billion dollars annually on training their employees. But they spend almost nothing on reinforcing the training. As a result, the vast majority of this knowledge and training investment $$$ is lost!  It is like trying to heat your house with the  windows opens…what a waste!

70% of all training is forgotten in 24 hours! 


So How does H2H Dynamics Solve this Loss of Learning Problem?

Cognitive science has proven that the brain uses a simple technique to determine which information should be retrieved… “If the information has been recently retrieved or used, then it is probably important; therefore keep it.”

So If you want your employees to retain knowledge, it is essential that you give them the opportunity to use it immediately after the training, and periodically thereafter. 

All of H2H Dynamics’ training workshops include a one year of follow up “boosters” to reinforce learning!Man hands holding tablet with laptop computer background

H2H Dynamic training workshops include in the package a one year program of follow up “boosters” to reinforce the training that they received…encouraging their brains to retain essential knowledge and skills.   The training “boosters” are sent out to each participate at strategic times just days after the training event for a whole year.  The “boosters” are based upon cognitive science and incorporate quizzes, surveys, question and answers, coaching, games, etc., that arrive in their mobile or desktop device. 

An evidence based brain science study has shown that learning retention increased by 80% through the use of booster training.   Now that is a Return on Investment that you will get from H2H Dynamics!


PCM: Core Topics


Three days – Begin at 8:30 a.m. – End at 4:30 p.m.

  • Introductions
  • Perceptual Frames of Reference
  • The Six Kahler Personality Types – Demographics and Characteristics
  • Channels of Communication
  • Leadership Style and Environmental Preferences
  • Personality Change and Phasing
  • Psychological Needs and Motivators
  • Three Levels of Distress
  • Personal and Professional Action Plan
  • Evaluations & Adjourn


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