Talent Recruitment

Indecisive Boss in Job InterviewChoosing the right candidate for key leadership positions is extremely important.  In his book, “Topgrading”, Dr Smart studied the cost of mis-hires. In this study he found that mis-hired managers costs are astronomical.  These mis-hires drive away key customers, hire other C-players, impair customer loyalty, erode employee moral and trust, fail to enter new hot” markets, fail to implement necessary measures, waste money, and drive away high performing employees.

So what does a mis-hire cost?

A rule of thumb is that for average companies, the cost of mis-hires are approximately 25 times base compensation for those under $100,000 and 40 times base for those earning $100,000-$250,000.

Too often, companies make critical hiring, promotion, and development decisions without assessing key social-emotional competencies that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Talent compassH2H Dynamics will help you confidently decide between your top candidates by giving you a social-emotional data point to add to your current processes through The Kahler Personality Assessment Profile (KPAP). This profile report identifies the personality type, phase and structure of the person, with individualized information about: character strengths, the way the person views the world and others, his/her compatibility span and his/her psychological needs and self-motivators. Also identified about the individual are his/her potential failure pattern, distress sequence, and specific suggestions for personal and professional success.

Cost of individual Profile:  $650 and includes;

  • Confidential profile
  • Up to 2 hours of consultation on results of the profile

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