What People are Saying!

GM Financial – Chris Burt, Chief Human Resources Officer

Highly recommend!  My senior team recently completed a workshop with Dave on the Process Communication Model (PCM). HR Leaders can be a skeptical lot, especially as it relates to profiles, leadership, and communication (things we typically regard ourselves as being good at). However, this program opened up some doors for us that far exceeded our expectations.

The work and post training results that we realized through our PCM training with Dave, was the most beneficial personal and professional development investment we made in our senior leadership team during my tenure as Chief Human Resources Officer at GM Financial! PCM went far beyond DISC, MBTI, or many other models out there. It has become a part of the language of our organization.

When I was considering to invest in this training my major barrier was,….how do I get my senior staff away from their jobs for three days!?  My senior staff are geographically dispersed, incredibly busy, and the associated costs in pulling it off.  However, after the completion of this training it is an investment that “hands down” I would invest in again!

Through this investment the team was able to blow through roadblocks that had inhibited higher levels of productivity, healthy conflict, achieving meaningful strategic outcomes, and undertaking creative redesign of our way of “thinking”.

What I liked most about working with Dave is that he brings instant operational credibility to the application of human behavior from his extensive leadership experience in high risk, high tempo environments. He has the unique ability to apply the concepts such that they have direct and immediate application in our world.

I highly recommend any organization to invest in this training if they want to genuinely take their leadership to the next level!

Chris Burt, SPHR, SCP Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at GM Financial Process Communication Model May 31, 2016

CTI – Matthew Black, Senior Vice President

“This 3-day PCM workshop by Dave and H2H Dynamics was an absolute “home run”!  It is without a doubt the most relevant and influential leadership course on communication that I have ever experienced in both my 26 years as a Colonel in the USAF and 8 years as a corporate executive!  

This course needs to be taught not only to our young men and women in our military but to all leaders who really want to be able to connect and motivate their teams (social and families also) to new levels of performance.  You will not only learn your unique communication and motivations but also how to access those of the people you interact with on a daily basis through their words, tones, gestures, facial expression and postures.  

Dave’s ability to lay out an effective learning event was phenomenal, each of the three days were packed with “spot on” evidence based human behavior concepts that were supported through videos, interactions, and group exercises that were practical and of immediate use in real world operations. Only Dave could have pulled this off through his authentic and passionate ability to want everyone in his class to have something to apply to the real world.”

Matthew Black Senior Vice President, CTI, Colonel USAF (Ret), F15 Pilot, Fighter Weapons School Deputy Commander March 23, 2015

Leadership Greater Little Rock – Judy Love, Executive Director

To quote Thomas Aquinas, it is “better to illuminate than merely to shine,” and Dave Kaiser clearly achieved both in his presentation at our annual retreat for Leadership Greater Little Rock!

His insights into the different personality types and their perceptions was spot on and we could see the light bulbs coming on in the faces of our participants. Dave delved into PCM with great energy, directness and humor. It was over too soon. Many, many thanks to Dave and H2H!

Judy Love Director, Administration, Executive Director, Leadership Greater Little Rock, Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce May 31, 2016

CTI – Mike White, Proposal Manager

“It is not easy for me to break away from my busy schedule for any 3-day training class.  However, this class was totally worth it!  Dave’s enthusiasm for our learning and how we can improve our communication skills in our lives was infectious! It was a valuable course and a darn good time!  

I have learned communication skills that will benefit me the rest of my life with everyone I interact with.  I now have access to a powerful set of tools (PCM) and I realize that it is up to me to put it to use.  Thanks to H2H Dynamics who made this valuable training possible.”

Michael White, Business Proposal Manager, CTI, Lt. Colonel USAF, Retired, F15 & F117 Pilot March 23, 2015

FedEx Express- Steven Aronson, Manager

“First day success implementing what I learned in your course! I was talking with one of my technicians that is a clear Persister type. He is self-motivated and loves to share his opinions about politics, religion, and life in general. Tonight I asked for his opinion about a new type of sorter that was installed this week.

His expression immediately brightened and he was enthusiastic to tell me all about it. After letting him ramble on for a few minutes, I told him that I always valued his opinion. Again, you could see his spirit lift just a little more. He was already in a good mood when he came to work, but now his batteries are fully charged.

Thanks again for the class!”

Steven Aronson, Manager Fedex Express May 31, 2016

Visual Thunder Media – Tim Ransom, Chief Executive Officer

“I see exceptional value in this course.  Excellent training for any business team.  This skill is  life changing  for business and family life without a doubt!   I am thrilled to know this program and content and look forward to sharing it with my family.”

Tim Ransom, Chief Executive Officer, Visual Thunder Media May 31, 2016

Brite Solutions Inc – Matthew Cuccias, Executive Vice President

“The content and skills learned in this course were invaluable…they are very applicable to my business, social, and family life.  All three days were packed full of extremely relevant content complimented through interactive and practical exercises that made the learning “soak in”.

I’m typically not comfortable participating in exercises but Dave and H2H Dynamics made the entire class feel relaxed and very comfortable which resulted in an incredible learning environment!

My experience in this workshop was extremely positive and I learned valuable skills (PCM) that I’m looking forward to applying to all aspects of my life!  Great course, great material, great teacher!  I’m eager to learn more about PCM.”

Matthew Cuccias, Executive Vice President, Brite Solutions, Inc. May 31, 2016

One Banc – Kelly Brown, Senior Vice President

I’ve experienced the Process Communication Model two times prior to Dave’s presentation.  He provided the information utilizing daily living experiences (i.e., work, family, volunteering).

He  empowered me to apply the principals to my everyday life.  The exercises and breakout sessions were interactive, engaging and memorable.

Simply, Dave is an outstanding and motivating presenter that will leave you wanting more of the Process Communication Model skill sets!”

Kelly Brown, Senior Vice President, Commercial & Real Estate Lending at One Banc May 31, 2016